Over the Hills and Through the Woods: Senior Chris Loumeau Honored as Cross Country NSCHSAA Student-Athlete

Chris Loumeau ‘17 (second from left) poses with his award prior to Sunday’s NSCHSAA championship race.

ABy Jude Tochukwu Okonkwo ‘17

After many strenuous seasons of draining practices and exhilarating races, Chris Loumeau ‘17 has achieved more than a first-place finish.  The NSCHSAA recently named him the Men’s Cross Country Student Athlete, honoring him for both his steadfast dedication to his academics and his sport.

Loumeau has proven himself both in the classroom and on the track.  He recently ran a 5K in sixteen minutes and forty-eight seconds, as well as a 4K in thirteen minutes and twenty-nine seconds, while maintaining a strong 93% average in the classroom.  A dedicated student and team member, Loumeau credited his award to his supporters, saying, “I was grateful and surprised to receive the award, and I am thankful to my parents, coaches and teammates for all their support.”

Loumeau races in the cross country varsity championship meet this past Sunday, October 31.
Loumeau races in the cross country varsity championship meet this past Sunday, October 31.

Chris Loumeau revealed his methodology to approaching both his classwork and track workouts.  He said success in schoolwork came down to time management.  He found that allotting time to each of his assignments and attacking them one by one reduced both procrastination and stress.  However, Chris found that achievement in cross country required passion for his sport. Citing a love for cross country, Loumeau said he was motivated to push himself harder on the track.

“Cross country has taught me to test both my physical and psychological limits,” Loumeau said. “Cross country taught me to have a sense of resilience when facing everyday responsibilities,” he added.

Chris Loumeau still has a lot of high school track ahead of him, including the cross country intersectional championships that draw closer. In addition, Loumeau says he hopes to pursue running in college. He was clear, however, that the details of his running future were still under active consideration.

Coach Cariero, Coach Beirne and Coach Farrugia certainly have ample reason to be proud of this varsity cross country athlete’s performance, but we all can find cause to celebrate his success.  True to Chaminade’s mission, Chris Loumeau  is maturing in mind, body and soul with such impressive recognition.