Nothing Scary About These Volunteers: Emmaus Visits Queen of Peace Residence for Halloween

Students distribute Halloween-themed cards to the residents they visit.

WBy Nick Plante ’18 and Aidan Fitzgerald ’18

Warriors, detectives, and mythical creatures filled the halls of the Queen of Peace Residence in Queens Village this Halloween, as members of the Emmaus Apostolic Program visited the elderly to celebrate this spirited holiday.   

Alongside a group of volunteers from Kellenberg, a dozen Chaminade students spent part of Halloween greeting the residents of the nursing home.  By entertaining them with their colorful costumes and giving them cards decorated by Kellenberg’s Art Department, the students brought joy to the sisters and those whom they nurse.

The students who visited the home did not only brighten the days of the elderly, but also they found personal fulfillment.  Max Amestigui ’17, who visits Queen of Peace on holidays and for its annual Junior-Senior prom, explained “the visit was only about an hour long, but it was very fulfilling.  I saw so many smiles on the residents’ faces, and it made me happy to know that they had a good time.”

The volunteers don a variety of costumes as they spend time with the residents of Queen of Peace.
The volunteers don a variety of costumes as they spend time with the residents of Queen of Peace.

In his first year as a teacher, Mr. Daniel Haslbauer ’11 has assumed leadership of the Emmaus Apostolic Program.  Its former head, Bro. Peter Heiskell, S.M., ’84, is currently in Rome studying to become a priest.  “As a former member of Emmaus, it is a privilege and an honor to be in this position now,” said Mr. Haslbauer.  He coordinated this trip with the help of Mrs. Maria Agosti, Bro. Patrick Cahill, N.S.M., ’11, and Bro. Patrick Sarsfield, S.M., ’86.

Mr. Haslbauer has already brought a great deal of enthusiasm to Emmaus by providing those who desire to become involved in the community with a number of enticing opportunities.  In addition to visiting Queen of Peace again around Thanksgiving, the group is looking forward to partaking in more service projects throughout the year.  Anyone interested in joining Emmaus should see Mr. Haslbauer in room 235 before or after school.