Flyers Varsity Tennis Trades in Racquets for Brooms in Clean Sweep of Season Playoffs

By Kyle Burgess ‘17

The Chaminade Varsity Tennis Team achieved the perfect end to its perfect season after defeating rival Saint Anthony’s High School in the playoffs on Tuesday, May 10.  Despite expecting fierce competition from their opponents, the Flyers looked to cap off their undefeated season with a memorable victory at the Hofstra University tennis courts.

The first round of playoffs began with the Flyers hosting the Kellenberg Firebirds at their home courts in Mineola Park.  Despite the talent and resolve presented by the Kellenberg squad, Chaminade was able to easily wipe away the competition in a 7-0 victory.  Singles players such as Colin Sacco ’16 and George Rettaliata ’17 made quick work of their respective opponents, which was later mirrored in the quick rout of the Firebirds’ doubles teams.

After defeating St. Anthony’s 7-0, the Varsity Tennis team is awarded its 3rd straight NSCHSAA title.
After defeating St. Anthony’s 7-0, the Varsity Tennis team is awarded its 3rd straight NSCHSAA title.

Fresh off the heels of their impressive win, the Flyers were now eager to face their arch rivals, hoping to be crowned league champions.  Having already defeated the Friars all four times they faced off in the regular season, both players and coaches alike felt confident in their ability to capture their third consecutive N.S.C.H.S.A.A. title.  The stage was now set for some of the most intense match play observed in the course of the 2016 season.

As each player took to his court, everyone knew what was at stake: the pride, tradition, and reputation of both teams was on the line, and neither side would go down without a fight.  “These guys are thirsty for a win, especially after losing to us four times,” said coach Timothy Mangin to the team.  “If they’re going to beat you, you have to make them pay for every point.”  Players and observers could sense the passion felt in each point, and tensions steadily rose throughout the matches.

Through perseverance and the determination to win, the Flyers were able to come away with another 7-0 win and with it another league championship title to add to the collection.  Handshakes and compliments were exchanged by both sides at the game’s conclusion, and each member the Chaminade squad was awarded a championship plaque.

Coach Daniel Petruccio was delighted with the team’s results after the match.  “It’s the perfect way to end the perfect season,” Mr. Petruccio commented.  “Every member on the team fought hard to get to where they are now and are absolutely deserving of their success.”

Players such as Paul Bocchicchio ’17 also shared in the euphoria of victory after facing such formidable opponents.  “It felt great to come through in the end after such a strong season.  It’s an amazing feeling to help the team come out on top,” Bocchicchio recalled.  

Congratulations to the Chaminade Varsity Tennis Team on their undefeated season and clean sweep of the 2016 playoff tournament!