Flyers Soar into the Future: Chaminade Juniors Learn About Paths to Possible Careers

Dr. Victor LaGinestra ’72 offers an interactive presentation on a career in veterinary medicine.

By: Jude Tochukwu Okonkwo ’17

Oftentimes, adolescents may feel confounded by the deluge of college majors, possible professions, and other opportunities that the world has to offer.  Even just a glimpse into jobs that foster a teen’s passions and skills can assuage his confusion and hopefully begin a long path toward his future careers.

On the evening of Tuesday, May 3, the juniors of Chaminade High School gathered in Darby Auditorium to kick off their Career Night.  Mr. Daniel Petruchio gave a brief introduction to the night’s events, describing the evening as “an opportunity to explore potential careers.”  

A few days prior to that night, the juniors were given a card that listed more than thirty future occupations in various fields, including the culinary arts, medicine, and entertainment.  Students chose and ranked any three vocations.  Following Mr. Petruchio’s short speech, more than four hundred individuals filed out from the auditorium toward designated classrooms where they would learn more about potential career paths. 

Mr. Anthony Patten ’87 gives interested students a presentation on pursuing a career in law.

Within each room, a presenter spoke on behalf of his or her occupation, attempting to illustrate a day in the life in that profession.  Most presenters outlined a possible path toward the occupation and urged students to hold onto the virtues that Chaminade has instilled in them.  Many of the speakers were Chaminade graduates who were able to connect to the students on a profound level.   They shared their own high school experiences and offered advice on how to navigate the road ahead to success, even in difficult times.  On the whole, the presenters captured their audience with their professionalism and candidness.

Liam Nixon ’17 described his particular experience saying, “Career Night gave me a better understanding of the everyday schedule of a career in stocks, along with more information on accounting.  My presenter also gave us useful tips on how to present oneself appropriately in a professional setting.”

Ryan Smith ’17 praised the night, adding, “I thought career night was a tremendous opportunity for the entire junior class.  The wide array of career choices provided great insight and helpful details for students of all interests.”

The experience had a momentous impact upon the attendees.  The juniors murmured excitedly as they began their treks home.  Perhaps the night solidified their desire for their dream careers or maybe it was the beginning of a journey into an unexpected profession.  Regardless, the night was an exciting page added to the storied tradition of Career Night.