And We’re Back: Sports Broadcasting Camp Enters its Third Summer

By Colin Capece ’16 and Kyle Russo ’18

While summertime can serve as a peaceful and relaxing break from the demanding school year, it can be difficult for students to find enough quality activities to fill a three-month break.  A perfect way to help do this would be to attend a Chaminade academic summer camp.

For students with a passion for the world of sports broadcasting, this camp is the ideal activity.  The camp offers students the opportunity to learn about various outlets of sports broadcasting, such as radio and television broadcasting.  The camp is moderated by Mr. Patrick Reichart ’01, a former New York Post writer who has a wide array of knowledge in the field of sports media, and Mr. Peter Dubon ’99, who handles all the technological aspects of the camp.  These moderators make the camp fun and enjoyable while helping students improve their broadcasting techniques.

Using the genuine tools of the trade, campers practice broadcasting sporting events.
Using the genuine tools of the trade, campers practice broadcasting sporting events.

The camp has two sessions for students, each one designed for a specific age group.  The first session is the week of July 11 and may be attended by students entering grades 7-9.  The second session is the week of July 17 and is for students entering grades 10-12.

While at camp, students engage in activities that will help foster a new, or build upon an existing, interest in broadcasting.  One activity offered at the camp is drafting a one-minute sports update.  These updates are heard on the radio when a primary sports show heads to a break.  Writing sports updates helps students learn how to incorporate a wealth of information into a short period of time while still articulating clearly for their radio audience.

Another popular activity amongst last year’s campers was the creation of their very own sports talk show.  During the radio show, students conducted interviews with writers and radio personalities, covering all four major sports leagues.  Some notable guests included Ryan Ruocco, who has been featured on ESPN Radio, and Mike Vaccaro ’85, a prominent New York Post writer.  

Campers take turns delivering 60 second updates.
Campers take turns delivering 60 second updates.

Camper Nick Aubrey ’18 said, “The radio show was my favorite part of the camp.  I got to speak with Tim Bontemps, an NBA writer for the New York Post, and we discussed various players and their statistics.  It was a really great experience because I was new to sports broadcasting.”

Another highlight of the camp was a trip to Fordham University, where students visited the studio for the university’s radio station, WFUV.  Students read the one-minute updates they had prepared two days prior in the university’s state-of-the-art radio studio.  Students then received pointers and advice about their cast from Communications majors at the university.

For students who love sports and are looking to fill a week of their summer with a fun and interesting camp activity, the Chaminade sports broadcasting camp will not disappoint.

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