Experimenting With a Good Time: Chaminade’s Summer Science Camp, an Enriching Scientific Experience

MBy Samuel De Lucia       

Campers experiment with Oobleck!

Most parents look for a way to inspire their children to develop an earnest devotion to their studies.  As far as the world of science is concerned, look no further!  The Science Workshop, part of Chaminade High School’s Summer Enrichment Program, opens up the awe-inspiring world of the natural sciences to its participants.  Packed into a week of fascinating hands-on activities, this science camp makes learning fun and safe, and whets the student’s appetite for further serious study.

You won’t believe what you see through diffraction glasses!

Participants will concoct a mysterious, non-Newtonian material, “Oobleck,” named by Dr. Seuss; dissect preserved sharks, squids, and pigs; and conduct various physical and chemical experiments like the fan-favorite flame test.  The week concludes with the students reporting the results of their experiments and choosing to repeat their favorite activity with new variables.

Science camp is a place where I was able to let my love for science run free – Rob Gallego ’18

This year, Chaminade’s science camp begins on Tuesday, July 5 and ends Friday, July 8.  The co-ed classes average approximately 20 student, ranging from sixth grade to incoming high school freshmen.  Some young men about to enter their first year at Chaminade get a preview of the high quality science education offered here.  

Mr. Dubon helps teach projectiles with water balloons on a hot summer day!

The summer camp is run by Chaminade science teachers Mr. Peter Dubon ‘99 and Mr. Salvatore Garofalo ’08.  This year, they have a special student assistant, sophomore Robert Gallego, who was a participant in the science camp just two years ago.  “The science camp is a place where you can learn many things, from getting DNA from a pea to dissecting a shark,” said Rob.  “Science camp is a place where I was able to let my love for science run free.”

What happens when you drop Mentos into Diet Coke?

Not only do the participants of the science camp enjoy their week at Chaminade, but the moderators do, as well.  “It is great to see how much the kids enjoy their time in the labs.  Nothing shows their passion for science and the camp more than returning the next year and some with their siblings!” said Mr. Dubon.  Mr. Dubon has also noticed that most of the female students are sisters of Chaminade students and daughters of Chaminade alumni.

The science camp continues to grow both in participants and in fun activities. “The outlook for the science camp is great,” said Mr. Garofalo. “I am especially excited for being able to conduct the science camp in the new Science and Technology building in the future.”

To register for the Science Workshop, please visit: https://www.eply.com/CHSsummerenrichment2016