Twelve Angry Jurors Rocks Darby Auditorium

The jurors begin to change their opinion on the suspect’s guilt.

By Dean Vayias ’18

On Friday, November 20 and Saturday, November 21, the Chaminade High School Darby Players put on entertaining performances of Reginald Rose’s Twelve Angry Jurors.

The play, which is set in a room with twelve jurors, was beautifully orchestrated by the Darby Players.  The production crew also did a fantastic job recreating the jury room on the stage of Darby Auditorium.

The jurors are tasked with trying to determine whether a boy suspect was guilty or not guilty of murdering his father.  The play begins with the jury taking a vote to see how many of them believe the boy was guilty, which results in an 11:1 tally in favor of a guilty verdict.  Because of the one “not guilty” vote, the jury has to continue debating the charge.  The one juror who voted not guilty keeps reminding everyone that a boy’s life is at stake and that there is not enough evidence to make a judgment.  After many re-votes, the vote count shifts to 11:1 in favor of “not guilty,” and after some final persuasions the last juror with a “guilty” vote changes her vote to “not guilty,” making it a unanimous decision to save the boy.

The jurors contemplate the guilt of the suspect.
The jurors contemplate the guilt of the suspect.

The production taught a valuable lesson not to be a follower by showing that one juror possesses the power to change the minds of other jurors.  The individual performances of the actors and actresses flawlessly exhibited each actor’s ability to morph into unique fictional characters.  

“The production was fantastic.  The actors and actresses worked extremely hard, and they did a great job.  It was a very difficult play,” said Mr. Michael Bruno ’90, the Director and Production Manager of the drama club.

Congratulations to the Darby Players for an excellent performance!