Success in Saratoga: Varsity Crew Dominates at the Head of the Fish Regatta

By Louis Morledge ’16

On their first trip to Saratoga this fall, the Chaminade Varsity Crew team had much success at the Head of the Fish Regatta.  Taking place on the New York State Championship course, the regatta consisted of a 2800-meter course with one turn and one straightaway.  

Having run this course before, the Flyers headed to Saratoga ready to capture the title on Saturday, October 31 and Sunday, November 1.

The first varsity eight launched at 12 PM to warm up and row to the start line for their 12:40 PM race.  Unusual for a fall event held in early November, the weather was welcoming and sunny with little wind.

Accustomed to practicing on the tempestuous conditions of Bar Beach, the eight, coached by Mr. Lawrence Moebius, had an advantage.  Off the line, the boat charged at a 38, passing two boats in their first 40 strokes.  As they continued passed the first turn, they were neck-and-neck with the team from Wayland Weston, a crew which had beaten them by over 10 places at the famed Head of the Charles Regatta.

Entering the NYS Championship straightaway, the Flyers soared down the course seeing as low as a 1:31 split.  Finishing bow to stern with Wayland Weston, the crew took first with the fastest time on the course of the day.  Their time was 11:05, and the team brought in the first of the three famous fish head trophies that Chaminade would receive.

Chaminade’s varsity eight boat pushes forward on the Head of the Fish Regatta course in Saratoga, New York.
Chaminade’s varsity eight boat pushes forward on the Head of the Fish Regatta course in Saratoga, New York.

“It felt good to take home a win today,” said Andrew Back ‘16.  “Something just clicked. We want to take this momentum and use it on Fordham next weekend at the Braxton.”

The second varsity event started moments after the first varsity race.  Holding splits as low as a 1:39 for the body of the piece, the second varsity boat found themselves in 4th place when they crossed the finish line.  Their time was 11:54, only five seconds off third place.

In the lower boat categories, Chaminade won the third and fourth varsity events with times of 11:57 and 12:03 respectively.  Showing the depth of the team, the fifth varsity boat came in second in the fourth varsity category with a time of 12:52.

Leaving Saratoga, the Flyers were ecstatic after capturing four famous fish head trophies.  Best of luck to the Flyers as they finish their fall season!