Flyers Varsity Soccer Tie the Commack Cougars in a Hard-Fought Match

OBy Patrick Grindel ’18

On Saturday, September 12, Flyers varsity soccer took on the Commack Cougars in a friendly scrimmage.  The Flyers took off running right from the start.  

Captain Matthew Vowinkel 17 began the game with a chance inside of the box during the first minute.  Commack then received a dangerous free kick in the 8th minute, but it was shut down by the Flyers defense.  

The next fifteen minutes were filled with plenty of chances by both sides and great saves by both the Chaminade goalkeeper, Yanni Rigos 17, and Commack goalkeeper, Ryan Sinnot.  During the 23rd minute, Commack committed a foul inside their penalty area, subsequently awarding the Flyers with a penalty kick.  Vowinkel stepped up to the mark to take the kick.  Unfortunately, he just missed the frame.  The battle continued throughout the rest of the first half; the Flyers and the Cougars relentlessly fought to score, but the defense remained strong on both sides, ending the half in a 0-0 tie.

The second half picked up where the first left off.  The Flyers had multiple opportunities from the 49th minute through the 60th minute, but the Cougar’s defense did not relent. Commacks offense then had a few chances shut down by the Flyers back line, led by Captain Kevin Lee 16.  In the 84th minute, AJ Codispoti 17 had a great attempt, but the Flyers could not capitalize on this opportunity.  

Commack forwards received their last chance in the 89th minute with a chipped through ball, but, Rigos came out with a diving save to close the game at a 0-0 tie.  Unfortunately, the Flyers did not win, but Kevin Lee commented, We played well. The defense gave it their all. Well get them next time.

Varsity soccer’s next home game is this Saturday, September 29 against rival St. Anthony’s on Ott Field.  The game begins at 4:15 PM.  Come out to support the Flyers!